Unlock The Full Potential Of Your Business

Development II, Inc. is a team of global strategic advisors that partners with businesses, institutions and entrepreneurs to build great organizations through proven, actionable, repeatable and enduring strategies.

Four Distinct Business Units

Development II, Inc. (DII) is composed of four distinct business units that provide specialized services. Together, they reflect our expertise in every facet of business development—and more than 100 years of combined industry experience.

DII Research

Business & Market Intelligence Advisory

Business and market intelligence tools and products that give decision makers an edge - a network of proprietary, well analyzed, reliable information helping you work faster and smarter.

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DII Labs

Business Incubator

We create and operate successful global companies that challenge the way we live and do things - from ideas that we back with our network of people, resources and organizations.

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DII Global Advisors

International Development Enablers

Our global strategic advisory unit works with national governments, international institutions and multilateral agencies to address global issues to increase global development.

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DII Capital Partners

Principal Investing

Our investing platform with a comprehensive “turn-key” strategy to take advantage of attractive global private equity investment opportunities in the lower-middle market.

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Since 1989, our business development strategic advisory firm, now a holding company, has been helping companies unlock their full potential through methods proven to:

  • Improve their customer experience across geographies and cultures.
  • Measure their influence in the market.
  • Identify high revenue segments and cross-sell opportunities.
  • Resolve issues and identify opportunities by geography and product line.
  • Make sound business decisions based on solid research and analysis.
  • ...and many more technologies and methodologies* that build successful organizations.

DII Research for example, through our proprietary QuantaMetrics® Neural Network Analysis measures why people think the way they do, which sets us apart from other research firms that mostly measure what people think.
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Our clients come to us with complex and difficult problems, seeking answers that are usually beyond the curve. They trust us to supply new and innovative ideas, using our proprietary approach while drawing from a dynamic network of knowledge that cuts across industries and geographies.

We solve problems that change people's lives, change business outcomes, change market dynamics - and drive development around the world.

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