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Turn-Key Strategies and Investment Opportunities.

Find out more about our investing platform with a comprehensive "turn-key" strategy to take advantage of attractive global private equity investment opportunities in the lower-middle market.

DII Capital Partners is the principal investing platform of Development II with a comprehensive strategy to take advantage of global private equity investment opportunities in the lower-middle market due to the prolonged global financial/credit crisis. We do this by buying undervalued businesses and transforming them into high performing, high cash-generating and market leading companies.

With the acquisition of the majority ownership interest in Development II by GOING Ventures LLC, we created DII Capital Partners to develop a consulting approach to private equity investing.

Building Great Businesses.

It's a highly differentiated investment and business acquisition model (called buy and build), with systems and processes that enable us to find, analyze, acquire, grow and develop exit strategies for attractive investment opportunities. With this approach, we can partner with management teams to improve their operations and build great businesses.

DII now has the capacity to develop a flow of business transactions, and the experience that enables us to identify potential and hidden value in a particular investment candidate.

And we have the consulting resources and management skills to become actively involved in the companies we invest in to help them realize their potential value.

This approach enables DII Capital Partners to capture the benefit of superior returns that smaller buyouts offer for all stakeholders. It also means we can restructure, reposition and improve any asset using proprietary growth strategies through our network of ideas, people, organizations and resources.

DII Capital Partners' strategic buy and build plan includes investing in late-stage to growth equity opportunities, management buyouts, and recapitalization transactions of traditional businesses that demonstrate strong and consistent profitability—with a focus on consumer products, digital media, healthcare and industrial/business services.

We also provide growth capital and support for our DII Labs companies.

If you're a small business owner ready to improve your company, find new markets or expand your offerings, Contact us for a courtesy consultation:

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