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Development II Is a Leader in Advanced Analytics.

We're always looking for new and innovative ways to help our business partners. DII Research is at the forefront of the business and market intelligence industry, using neural network technologies to pinpoint key drivers of satisfaction.

In fact, we hold several U.S. trademarks on data analysis processes, including:

Business and market intelligence tools and products that give decision makers an edge...

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Our proprietary QuantaMetrics® Neural Network Analysis measures why people think the way they do...

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The Payoff Profile shows which improvements will yield the greatest increases in Overall Satisfaction...

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What is Neural Network Analysis?

We’re a worldwide leader in advanced analytics, specializing in Neural Network Analysis. Our proprietary QuantaMetrics® sets us apart from other research firms.

What is Neural Network Analysis? Simply put, it answers the question: “If the objective is to implement strategies that create more totally satisfied customers (and, thus, increase revenue), then which of the measured customer attributes, when altered, will provide the largest increase in satisfaction?”

In other words, Neural Network Analysis tells which attributes have the greatest impact on overall customer satisfaction (and subsequently, revenue). It yields information that enables reasonable and rational allocation of company resources.

How is That Different From Other Market Surveys?

Typical market surveys reveal what people think.

But it’s more important to know why people think the way they do. That’s data that can completely change the way you do business.

Most companies focus their improvement efforts on the attributes that received low ratings on a survey, but—contrary to popular belief—that’s not necessarily the best way to improve customer satisfaction and loyalty. And that’s where Neural Network Analysis comes in, taking the process one step further.

Neural networks (a form of artificial intelligence) operate as simplified computerized models of the neural architecture of the human brain. Just as the human brain “learns” from repeated exposure to neural stimuli, the neural network is also a pattern recognition program.

In our application of neural networks, the computer model begins to “learn” in a way that simulates the human decision-making process. We’ve developed a method to use this technology to quantify the impact of various attributes on overall customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Because the computer program analyzes the responses and makes the connections, the outcome is free of any contextual biases, inaccuracies and inconsistencies that could be introduced inadvertently by the human element.

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