Our Company History

How We Got to be a Leading Strategic Advisory Firm.

Since 1989, we’ve been providing carefully researched information and innovative ideas to the world’s decision makers, helping them become leaders in their industries.

It started when we were Founded in 1989 originally as a business consulting, market research and product development firm with focus on customer satisfaction measurement technologies and processes. We quickly evolved into a global advisory force with market-leading clients across the world. Our approach to putting ourselves in our clients’ shoes enabled us to operate as more than mere advisors; it aligned our incentives with our clients’ objectives and enabled us to partner with them to unlock the full potentials of their businesses. We believe a client relationship is a close partnership that continually evolves through mutual cooperation, common goals, and respect. In time, we became trusted and vested stakeholders in our clients’ business evolution.

Today, our strength – the ability to approach every client’s business, as if it were our own professionally, quickly and accurately delivering results that are actionable, repeatable and enduring while not limited by industries and geographies – has enabled Development II to transform into four distinct business units: DII Research, Development II Global Advisors, DIILabs and DII Capital Partners; so we can serve better, and is at the core of everything we do, as we deliver results that impact lives, shape business outcomes and drive national development around the world.

Development II Founded

Founders Bob Brass and Steve Lewis met via common clients and became colleagues in the early 1980’s. Both wanted to start a company of their own. The pair wanted to have a more matrix environment, an environment that was more creative and less restrictive than the typical corporate environments they were used to.

Starting with $40 in Steve’s basement, Steve and Bob each put in $20 and started Development II.

Opened Corporate Office In Woodbury Location

They made it official heading to Litchfield Bankcorp in Woodbury where they set up their first business account together. They didn’t have a name for their company in advance of a potential client meeting, in the parking lot, they were flipping through an M.C. Esher book batting around names and discussing what the name of the company should be, Steve came upon the drawing “Development II” and decided that was the perfect name for the company. “Tessellation” was another name they bounced around in an effort to illustrate that their mission was to transform and develop companies, taking them from a static stage to a dynamic stage.

Began Phone-Calling Center

Anthony Giusto Joins The Development II Team

Anthony Giusto joined DII in 1999 as a Marketing Analyst and became Vice President and Partner in 2005.

Bob Brass Retires

Bob Brass retired in 2012. Bob’s legacy will forever be entrenched within after 23 years of devoted service to Development II. His trademarked research practices are still in use today.

Seni Hazzan joins the team through buyout of founder, Steve Lewis

In 2013, Seni Hazzan joined the team, when he led the buyout of the last remaining founding partner, Steve Lewis, and repositioned Development II from a market research and consulting company into a holding company that builds businesses. Steve Lewis still remains close to the company as a Senior Project Consultant and advisor.

Opened Woodbridge Corporate Office location.

DII opened a new corporate headquarters office in April of 2014 in Woodbridge, CT keeping the Woodbury office as support location and call center.

Rebrand of DII as a holding company and introduction of four distinct business units and new redesigned website and logos.

Development II is growing from a market research and consulting company into a holding company that helps build businesses through the Four Sub Business Units. Research, Labs, Capital Partners & Global Advisors.